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“Quite Simply, The Best Phone Ever Released”, Frank, 34 y.o.

Choose your perfect used iPhone with JiJi!

Looking for the right smartphone can be tough as you can easily be lost in numerous innovative features, benefits, and hi-tech tricks. We at JiJi decided to help you make the right decision and therefore asked one of our regular users to provide us with a feedback about his smartphone story. So, here it goes.

“If you are looking for a smartphone that will become your best friend for another 3-4 years, pick iPhone 6. Yes, it’s quite pricey, but count how much cash you will have to spend on other phones. This is the lesson I’ve learnt from my smartphone saga that today I would like to share with you.

My name is Frank and I’m 34. Just like all of us, I expect my smartphone to:

  • wake me up in the morning
  • receive calls
  • text
  • take pictures, and
  • keep me online

No more, no less. I’m not overloading it with visual data or start three games at a time. I would say, I’m a perfect target audience for such companies as Nokia, Samsung, or Apple.

I bought my first new smartphone HTC X8 back in 2013 for ? 13,000 for various reasons. Firstly, I was thrilled by the design. Soft touch plastic on the back of the device helps you hold it without a fear that it will slip it out from your hand. I think that should be examplary for all smartphone brands as it puts safety in the first place.

Secondly, I really enjoyed this Windows phone idea of colorful square icons for contacts, messages, photo gallery and other important stuff you keep on your phone. High-resolution screen was something I still enjoy when I pull my old HTC X8 out from the drawer where my old electronics reside.

It was not until half a year that I started noticing random glitches. As an example, my friend called me and my phone would keep silence without even sending me the tiniest signal about the call. Additionally, I stopped receiving Viber and WhatsUp notifications and could only see the new ones after opening the apps. The last drop that has actually introduced me the idea of considering a different device was the fact that I could no more open my photo gallery! That was simply unacceptable as my job was then tightly connected with taking pictures.

In a year from my purchase, I figured I’d better go for something different. I tried Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 but wasn’t completely satisfied with it. So I decided to give it a shot and pick a used iPhone 6 to see if it can fit into my picture of a perfect smartphone. I couldn’t afford myself to buy a new one so I opened JiJi to see what their offers are. It took me about three days to make a decision as options were many. I contacted around 15 iPhone sellers to make sure I get detailed answers to my numerous questions.

In the long run, I ended up buying a used iPhone 6. It wakes me up and we go to bed together as I usually end my day checking my Facebook feed. When it comes to pictures, it’s second to none with its slow motion and time-lapse features. Also, every time I make a picture I can use exposure control that helps me focus on a particular subject, stabilization control that creates fantastic precise pictures in low light, and panoramic pictures with up to 43MP.


Since at work I meet a lot of new people on daily basis, security has always been an issue for me. Touch ID integrated in iPhone 6 has saved me the trouble of always making sure my phone is in safe hands. You simply touch the home button with you thumb and that’s it. You can surely enter you password but I need my phone to start within a second so that’s my cup of tea.

And Apple Pay. With this magic in-built app I don’t have to carry my cards all the time with me and keep in my memory unnecessary digits. From now on I can pay for my flight tickets and other online purchases with Touch ID by – again- touching the home button with my thumb. It has never been easier.

I checked with JiJi today. Their prices on iPhones 6 start from ?60,000 for a used device which can be a good deal. Good luck with your search!”

Best wishes,


Choose your perfect used iPhone with JiJi!

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