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11 amazing photos that are worth to see

Turtle on Medusa

Good day! It’s Friday, and i think you enjoy 11 amazing photos that are worth to see.

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Turtle on MedusaTurtlw riding on Medusa.

HyperionHyperion – the highest tree in the word.

Eclipse from spaceHere is the an eclipse from space.

Fire birdsLighted by fire birds on a background of smoke.

Japan after snowfallTemple in Kyoto, Japan. After a snowfall.

shadows of cloudsThe shadows that discard clouds on Earth.

kayaking near lavaExtreme kayaking near lava. Hawaii.

OpalOpal, inside which as if occurs the dawn.

Whater well in oregonWater well the Torah in Oregon. He is called “the gateway to underground world”.

Frozen pondPond, frozen unusual geometric shapes.

Traces of a monkTraces of a monk who prayed 20 years on the same place.


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