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10 Bizarre Hobbies Of Celebrities

It is not a secret that every human being has the right for his or her weirdness. But sometimes it goes beyond all understanding. Find 10 most bizarre hobbies and interests of some famous people.

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1) Johnny Depp collecting Barbies

It’s not a surprise that Johnny Depp is a bit on the odd side. But Depp’s odd hobby is odd even for him. Johnny Depp owns dozens of limited edition Barbies. He has also got dolls based on Beyonce and Destiny’s Child, Elvis and even Donny Osmond. The 52-year-old even has a Lindsay Lohan doll, complete with ankle monitoring bracelet reminiscent of when she was under house arrest.


2)Tiger Woods spearfishing

Tuna speared in Kona photo copyright 2012 Jon Schwartz www.bluewaterjon.com

Tiger Woods, a champion golfer, is well known for his beautiful home, fancy cars, and outstanding golfing abilities. But the hobby he has doesn’t really correspond to his fashion lifestyle. Tiger Woods is apparently very keen on spear fishing. As its name suggests, spear fishing is the act of fishing not with a rod and a line as you would in a traditional setting, but with a spear. Instead of casting the line using the rod into the water, the fisherman instead spots a fish in the water off in the distance. After aiming very carefully, he or she throws the spear into the air and hopes to catch the fish when it returns back to the ground.


3) Sunny Leone cleaning feet obsessed

Sunny Leone is hipped with cleaning her feet! She cleans them in every 15 to 20 minutes! A source from the film’s crew says, “Sunny used to constantly clean her feet with water. At first it was surprising and we used to wonder what’s wrong. Even while shooting indoor, she would keep washing her feet, sometimes every 15 to 20 minutes and in between every shot.” Some people assume it might be a disease called obsessive compulsive disorder. Who knows? Maybe she is just preparing to stare at another Cinderella movie.


4) Anjelina Jolie collecting knives

10-Celebrity-Hobbies-That-Will-Surprise-You-6.-Angelina-JolieAngelina Jolie loves to collect knives and daggers. And no, it’s not because of her staring at Lara Croft adventure episodes, but this passion has its roots since Angie turned 11. Her mother actually gave her the first dagger as a present. And so collecting knives and daggers got her so deep, that she continues practicing it with her own children – has given the knife to her 7-years old son. How does she explain this kind of hobby of hers? – “It’s just the way of learning about the dangers these tools may bring your family members. So it’s better to know how to use it properly from the very early ages”.


5) Cluadia Schiffer spider lover

claudia_1729516aClaudia Schiffer does what seems disgusting for every woman or a girl. She loves seeing crawling insects and collecting them. Claudia is a spider lover too. She says, “As a child, I was fascinated with spiders’ webs sparkling with morning dew, or just after the rain,” The German model and ‘Love Actually’ star not only collects mounted insects but has also decorated her home with insect paintings. Creepy, isn’t it?

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6) Simon Cowell climbing trees

simon_1729507aSimon Cowell loves climbing trees. It is actually like a ritual for him – to wake up, drink a cup of coffee and go conquer the first tree appearing on his way. Maybe this hobby has its other explanation – Simon has over watched the movies about spies and now climbing the trees to spy on their neighbors. Who knows? All of the celebrities are a bit weird though.

7) Paris Hilton hunting frogs

Who could imagine that the hotel heiress and just a fashion girl Paris Hilton would be into hunting for frogs! She however never cages them. Just catches them, puts them back on a bucket and lets them go. Seems like someone is looking for her fairytale prince. Good luck in your search, Paris!


8) Pierce Brosnan eating fire

movies-60-years-of-bond-gallery-16Pierce Brosnan, a famous actor staring at James Bond epopoeia was made to learn fire eating for one of his episodes. While doing it for one of the television shows he even blew up and had severe blisters. But still Mr. Bond never gave up and turned this kind of activity into his hobby. A brave guy, isn’t he?

9) Mark Zuckerberg raising animals for food

enhanced-buzz-28493-1323274034-28Could you believe that a famous Facebook Man Mark Zuckerberg is raising animals for his daily meals? Yes, he does. While you are chatting and sharing new-made photos with your friends, he is busy with his own farm of domestic animals to feed, take care of, and eat for supper afterwards.


10) Mike Tyson keeping pigeons-pets

Everyone knows this heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson, but do you know what made him choose boxing as a career? Once upon a time…there was a theft. Someone stole his favorite pet pigeon, and so he decided to revenge. We don’t know what happened to the poor guy who ventured on steeling Mike’s pigeon, we can judge about it only from his fights on the squared circle.


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