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Working Hard Doesn’t Mean Being Happy

Scientists from the Duke University proved that the most productive workers bring the company the maximum use, but they do not get pleasure from it. And that is a reason.

Every company has at least one person which will solve all the scumbags in the company. Of course, the more staff is, the more such people are found there. And you do not worry knowing that something bad can happen, because this person will solve everything.


He or she is the most competent, never refusing and solve in a miraculous way different problems which seem to be unsolvable. You feel well. But he or she does not.

The group of scientists from the Duke University, Georgia and Colorado held the research, trying to learn what influence the extreme situations have on the most competent people and how they feel in the critical moment when everything depends only on them.

Some groups of respondents were given to read the affirmations about Sam. Sam is an imagined worker, and the affirmations given to each group differed in how Sam was competent in one or another work situation.


The group members to whom Sam was introduced as the most competent worker were expecting from him much more productivity than those to whom he was introduced as not a very competent worker.

The second part of the investigation was held with the second-year students. They were offered to delegate the proof-reading of their written essays to their groupmates who also differed in their competence level. Those students who were studying better than their groupmates got the largest work load.


Of course, if we have a choice between the most and the least competent workers, we will prefer getting use of the person who knows and does better. At the same time there appears a logical question:

Why have the most competent people to work more when their less competent colleagues work less for the same wage?

This research referred to 400 workers from various companies. Scientists found out that the highly productive people got more load, and their colleagues did not understand how hard it was for them to cope with this load. Besides, the level of happiness of such hard working people was in inverse proportion to the amount of set tasks.


One of the research heads, Kristy Coval says:

“There is sense in relying on the competence, but we should not forget that you make a person feel stress, setting more and more tasks”.

Scientists recommend the top managers and other leaders the following tips:

  1. Give the greatest possibilities to the most valuable employees.
  2. Give them not only the hardest, but also interesting work.
  3. In case of working some extra hours indemn for their load.
  4. Give your less effective colleagues types of work demanding much time for fulfillment.

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