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Spark – Smart And Quick E-mail Application For iPhone

Some authors of famous iOS applications called Documents and Scanner Pro have been working on this new program. Spark is a mail client with the variety of settings and useful functions which you can easily use as the main mail client services.

Spark meets diversity of settings, mail box arranging means and smart functionality. An inexperienced electronics user or a minimalism fan might be scared away by this multifunctioning app. You are to choose among a mail box and its smart analogue.


Be in trend with JiJi!

The major attention is paid on its smart functions. The application automatically gathers incoming messages and categorizes them in several folders:

  • New,
  • Newsletter,
  • Pins,
  • Inbox.


Their order is appropriate to the enumerated above and indicates the pattern of work with letters. The first thing you do is look into new letters, read them or clean a newsletter block. Some important messages can be fixed in Pins category (the list of important tasks analogue), the rest of messages go to the Inbox category. You can change this display mode to the common one anytime.

Apart from Smart Inbox and Inbox functions described above, Spark has the Archive and Attachments categories. The first one is completely understandable, but I have never met the Attachments page in mail clients. There are letters with appropriate filters in this category, you can easily read, send and answer them.

The appearance of every separate letter is truly nice. Spark designers have removed odd elements and left the maximum space for text and attachments. Due to this reason, it is really convenient to read your incoming messages even on the small iPhone 5 display.

One more innovation related to work with letters is quick answers. As authors think, the main part of answers can be changed into three actions: Like, Thanks and Smile.


Letters arrangement is based on 4 swipes:

  • short to the left – add or remove a message from a Marked category;
  • long to the left – postpone letter reading;
  • short and long to the right – archive and remove.

Accidental action can be canceled with one phone shake or the Undo button in the right bottom corner.

A separate Spark personalization category is responsible for menu reorganizing, swipe actions and widgets. You may also set reports on letters reading, notifications, signatures, sound messages. Besides, you will find mail client and side services binding. Cloud archives is represented through the Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and Google Drive, postpone reading services are: Pocket, Instapaper and Readability, note services – OneNore and Evernote.


One more reason to be proud of their application is news – a smart search bar. The program correctly processes the queries formed by a simple language, and gives relevant results for the queries like “pdf attachments from david”. Of course, this function is available in English language. Besides, Spark finds files according to their name and type, and saves the frequently used queries.

“Readdle” has manages to create the most adjustable and functional mail client. Its disadvantages, though, are impossibility to multiple choices during one session and unstable functioning. However, its authors continue active work on the project, correcting the mistakes. They promise Spark Mac- and iPad versions to appear soon.

Download the free newly-designed product on App Store:

[appbox appstore 997102246 screenshots]

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