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Should We Add Our Bosses To The Friend List?

Many white collars having received a request from a boss who wants to be in their friend list face a common dilemma – whether to choose good relationship with their boss or have their piece of a secured space. Let’s try to discuss this question and find some optimal ways of refuse.

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“Should I add my boss to a friend list in Facebook?” – many of us ask this type of question. From the one hand, you drink coffee with your boss every morning and sometimes have lunch together, but from the other hand, you want to have some personal space in a social network.


Scientists from the Worton business school held some investigations under the eloquent title “OMG My Boss Just Friended Me”. The investigation showed that most workers are feeling confused when their boss friend them in Facebook, they say it is as if their parents want to friend them in order to control their activity in a social network. At the same time, the research of the Russell Herder agency showed that nearly 30% of young workers (from 18 to 34) are feeling comfortable to know their boss is among their friends in a social network.

4 reasons to make friends with your boss in a social network

1. Who is my boss in real. In a social network you can find some information about your boss’s likes and hobbies, about his family, favourite restaurants and kind of sports. In such a way you will compose an approximate portrait of your boss. This information will help you get find some common interests.


2. His weak spots. You can be friends with your boss, but it will not make you independent form his decisions. Everybody understands that a boss is an office “fate dispenser”. That is why everybody wants to be with him on familiar terms. For this purpose you should be a bootlick from time to time.

Find his weak spots. Loot at his photos and decide what things or people he admires. And when coming to work the next day pay a compliment to your boss, for instance, tell him that his daughter’s success in the musical school is great. No matter how strict your boss is, he becomes milder when somebody is speaking about his children.1

3. Career promotion. We want to be honest with you: good relationship with a boss is an important thing you need very much. Boss’s favourites are most likely to get a promotion. Social networks will help you establish positive communication with your boss, as well as become the first person for rise.


4. Show that you are a real professional and just a cool guy. Place on your page some information about your career success and achievements, passed courses, voluntary activity, etc. To be short, let your colleagues and boss know about your all-round experience and development. You will 100 % get an extra “+1” to your promotion.


7 reasons not to make friends with your boss in a social network

1. Your image can change in his eyes not to the better. Sometimes we publish some photos, status, links, etc. which your boss will not like. According to all these things any person can indicate your personal interests. Who knows, perhaps, your boss is a furious hater of selfie makers?!


2. He will be able to check whether you are hanging in social network during your working time. Yes, social networks are real betrayers. Your boss can see a small green circle indicating that you are online and then you will not get off.


3. He will like and comments your publications. His comments can be of different types: from pleasant praises to edifying and inappropriate. For example, you have some photos from your weekend rest with beer, and your boss will write a comment like: “Don’t forget to be in time tomorrow”.

4. You will get a “parent”. This feeling can appear if your boss is much elder than you since he can impose his experienced opinion in Facebook.

5. Tell only good things about your job. If earlier you could easily criticize some failures of your new project or leave an ironic joke about the last teambuilding, now when your boss can monitor all your comments and news you have to regulate your actions in Facebook.

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6. He will know something he shouldn’t. For instance, how you spent your yesterday’s date, congratulated your niece, support a politician or sang karaoke for the first time – this list is limitless. Some things you are pleased to tell about your boss, and the others are not for his attention.

7. You cannot unsubscribe your friends. Even if you act very carefully on your page in a social network, you cannot control your friends’ pages with, for example, photos called “Drunk, as always.”


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