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How To Prolong Mobile Battery Life

A short-term working battery is the main disadvantage of modern mobile devices. However, you can try to prolong it by using many special settings and soft for Android. Below you will find a detailed guide which will help you reduce energy consuming and increase greatly a battery work.

We want to warn that this guide is unlikely to suit beginners, since it demands some skills and experience, as well as determination and wish to delve into Android entrails.


What you will need

Firstly, in the following list there are all the needed instruments and programs that will be used in this guide.

  • Root;
  • Xposed Framework;
  • Greenify;
  • Amplify;
  • MyAndroidTools;
  • AppOpsXposed;
  • AdAway;
  • PowerNap.

Change the basic settings

Let’s start form the things lying on the surface. We all know these basic settings which will be described further. However, not all of us trouble to cope with them.


1. Screen adjustments

Screen brightness is one of the main factors which influence on a battery life. The higher your brightness is, the quicker your battery discharges. We recommend changing brightness manually rather trust an automatic setting. Do not forget to edit the screen timeout (30 minutes or less).


2. Mobile network

This is a really simple hint, but it prolongs a battery life of your gadget. Switch a net type form 3G to 2G when you do not use the mobile Internet.


3. Wi-Fi

Even when your Wi-Fi is off, your smartphone is looking for an available net. You can turn this function off by “Settings” ? Wi-Fi ? “Additional settings” ? “Scanning always available”.


4. Location determination

One more battery’s killer is a service of location determination. Turn it off in case you do not use it: “Settings” ? “GPS satellites”.


Program settings

Now when you already know about all the basic adjustments, you can start get deeper. The next actions will refer to the system services and processes which are concealed from a user’s eyes.

1. Xposed Framework

This application is a work environment serving for launching the needed programs. That is why you should think of installing this app on your device.

  • You can download the app for Android 4.0.3-4.4 here.
  • You can download the app for Android 5.0+ here.
  • You can download this application for Samsung TouchWiz ROM here.


2. Greenify

You may use Greenify for “freezing” of some applications and services you do not need. Pay attention that you will need the version Greenify (Donation Package) that includes some additional and experimental functions. After installing you will have to activate the proper module in Xposed. Then activate the phase of acceleration and experimental functions in program settings. “Freeze” programs which consume much energy. In my case, I need to freeze the following programs:

  • Browser
  • Hike
  • Instagram
  • Google+
  • Messenger
  • Music
  • Walkman
  • UC Browser
  • XDA
  • Hangouts
  • Album
  • Calendar
  • Calendar Storage (Use alternate calendar)
  • Camera
  • File Commander
  • MX Player
  • SHAREit
  • Maps.

Do not “lull” your calls and programs for messages exchange.

[appbox googleplay com.oasisfeng.greenify.pro screenshots]

3. MyAndroidTools

You may turn off the unneeded system services and background processes with the help of this application. Firstly, pay attention to the elements included to the Google Play Services. Here is the list of such programs to block:

  1. AnalyticsService;
  2. FeedbackService;
  3. AdRequestBrokerService;
  4. NetworkLocationService (Location Service);
  5. GoogleLocationManagerService (Location Service);
  6. FusedProviderService (Location Service);
  7. GeofenceProviderService (Location Service);
  8. negotiationService;
  9. WatchdogService;
  10. WearableService.


 [appbox googleplay cn.wq.myandroidtools screenshots]

4. Amplify

Amplify is the best program for saving of a battery that has to be installed on every mobile device. It helps block the events leading to system “awakening”. We recommend using the full version of this app.

In a free version of Amplify manages only those system process which disturb your gadget the most of all:

  • NlpWakelock;
  • NlpCollectorWakeLock;

In a full version you can set your own permissions and timings of awakening almost for any system process:

  • content.syncmanager.SYNC_ALARM;
  • net.ConnectivityService.action.PKT_CNT_SAM PLE_INTERVAL_ELAPSED;
  • oasisfeng.greenify.CLEAN_NOW;
  • facebook.push.mqtt.keepalive.KeepaliveManager. ACTION_INEXACT_ALARM.com.facebook.katana;
  • facebook.common.executors.WakingExecutorServic e.ACTION.ALARM.com.facebook.katana.

Alarms [LOCATION] (each 40 000 seconds):

  • google.android.gms.nlp.ALARM_WAKEUP_LOCATOR;
  • google.android.gms.nlp.ALARM_WAKEUP_ACTIVITY_D ETECTION;
  • google.android.gms.location.fused.GPS_ALARM_BA LANCED_ACCURACY;
  • google.android.gms.nlp.ALARM_WAKEUP_ACTIVE_COL LECTOR;
  • google.android.gms.nlp.ALARM_WAKEUP_PASSIVE_CO LLECTOR;
  • google.android.gms.nlp.ALARM_WAKEUP_BURST_COLL ECTION_TRIGGER.

Alarm (each 84 000 seconds):

  • app.backup.intent.RUN;
  • google.android.gms/.checkin.EventLogService$Receiver;
  • google.android.gms/.checkinCheckinService%Receiver.

Wakelocks (each 7 200 seconds):

  • *net_scheduler*;
  • GCoreFlp;
  • Icing.

Wakelocks (each 40 000 seconds):

  • NlpWakeLock;
  • NlpCollectorWakeLock;
  • LocationManagerService;
  • Config Service Fetch.

Services (Block/Deny):

  • google.android.gms/com.google.android.location.internal.AnalyticsSamp lerService;
  • google.android.gms/common.analytics.CoreAnalyticsIntentService;
  • jam.NegotiationService.

[appbox googleplay com.ryansteckler.nlpunbounce screenshots]

5. Power Nap

Power Nap is a free analogue of a popular Stamina MOD technology by Sony.

It provides the maximum deep sleep after screen is off. It is achieved by stopping of the background services and some other miraculous processes. There you can create a list of exceptions for those apps which you need to receive notifications from.


6. App Ops

You can use the App Ops program to turn off some of the access right for Google Play Services and Google Services Framework.

Google Play Services:

  • Keep Awake.

Google Services Framework:

  • Keep Awake.

[appbox googleplay com.findsdk.apppermission screenshots]

7. AdAway

This is a truly powerful application for turning off commercials.


Possible troubles

Push-notifications delay. If you have mentioned that notifications started to appear with some delay, use the Push Notification Fixer program.

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