How To Influence People

Have you ever asked yourself why some people can easily get on with the others? Are they magicians or do they know some secrets?

The answer is banal: they have certain psychological skills and know a couple of keys to the other’s hearts. If you have always wanted to be able to have an influence on people, Jiji will help you with it.

But you have to remember that these tricks won’t work for you if you want bad things to happen to someone. This article gives more of the advice on how to make people like you, so if all you wanted is to get the power and rule the world, this information is definitely not for you.

Getting people to like you is absolutely easy, and if you reach that positive attitude, you will have a kind of influence on them. The rules to follow are unbelievably simple.


1) Learn to listen

Being a grateful listener is the best way to win someone’s favor. It is very important for the person to know that what he says is important, and there is someone to share it with.

Nod, make short comments, ask questions, – show that you are taking part in the dialogue. Even if you don’t agree with some statements, let the person know it. Of course, there is no need to be rude – on the opposite, a point of view, supported with good arguments, will be the sign of your analysis of the information you got.

But even if you have different view on the situation, there is always something common in your and your opponent’s thoughts. Find it, and it will be much easier for two of you to get on.


2) Repeat after him

Couple enjoying dinner

One more sign of a deep interest is repeating the main thesis. No, really, try paraphrase the speaker’s words and you will see the effect. It always makes a person think that you understand him completely, which leads to the meeting of minds.

This technique is used frequently on different negotiations, but you can also try it with your friends. Use the phrase they have just said as a question. They will get more comfortable with you, because they will know that you are listening to them. In this way people become more opened and trusting.


3) Reflect

It has been proved that people feel more freely with those who are alike with them. So, if you want to make them like you, copy their gestures or the manner of speaking. By the way, a lot of us do it automatically.

This event has a name – it’s mimicry. When the person sees that you are a little like him, he likes you more and think about you with more friendliness.


4) Say the name

If you call someone by name, it kind of confirms his personality. Besides, it makes your appeal private, and in this way you also show your genuine interest in what the person says.

Although you may not be an egoist, anyway, it is very pleasant for you to hear your name. You may not realize it, but it is so. It is just human psychology. So, when you call a person’s name, you stimulate the positive emotions, and, as a result, the good attitude.


5) Don’t be shy to flatter


Make the person feel loved and important. Try not to fake it, but find some good traits and talk about them. If the person has a good self-appraisal, then don’t be afraid to overdo: talking about how great he is you will just approve his own thoughts. But be careful with those who don’t think they are good enough: such people can easily catch you if you lie to win their respect.


6) Ask for more

The research show that if you ask more, you will get what you want. Let’s see how it works.

My example will be trivial, but I try to make is simple and understandable.

Say, you need to have your room cleaned an you don’t have time for that, so you have to ask your sister. If you just say: “Mary, please, clean the room!”, there is a big chance she will just refuse. But if you say something like: “Could you please clean all the flat? No? Oh, but please, at least my room!”, there is a bigger possibility that she will do that for you. You give her something to compare, so she chooses the smaller piece of work.


As you can see, making the influence on people and making them like you is quite easy, but what is really important is to use these hacks for the good.

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