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How To Build PC By Your Own

We are going to build cheap PC for working with txt-dox, web-surfing and communications. Our PC – tupical office-machine. Sure, we can also play on this PC, but only in old games, like CS 1.6, GTA 4, etc.


First of all, we need to install CPU into motherboard.

Our CPU – intel core i3 3rd generation – ivy bridge, on LGA1155 socket.

We’re should to open lock-in into motherboard’s socket, than – physically install CPU on his place. After installing CPU – close socket’s lock-in.

Next step – spreading thermal paste and installing cooler.

Spreading thermal paste must be done on CPU’s surface carefully. After that – installing CPU’s cooler into his place on motherboard. We need to get into cooler’s slots, than – close up 4 latches. Ending these operations must be connecting cooler with motherboard, using 3- or 4-pin connector.

Our next move – installing RAM.

That will be easy – just snap RAM-boards into suitable slots on motherboard.

As we building cheap PC, we’re going to use onboard GPU. In fact of this, we don’t need to install GPU into motherboard’s pci-express slot.

Now we can install our MB into PC-case.

Carefully put motherboard into appropriate slots on case and tight up the bolts. And don’t forget about motherboard’s back panel!

Connecting front panel.

At this step we need to do some moves, like:

  • Connect USB-hub
  • Connect audio inputs
  • Connect power and reset buttons
  • Connect LED- indicators HDD and power.

Next step – power supply.

In our case power supply placed on the bottom, below motherboard.

When we tight up the bolts –  we connect MB power by 24-pin connector, and CPU power with 8-pin connector.

HDD and ROM.

After placing disk drive and ROM into case – connect power cable from power supply, and connect HDD with mainboard using SATA-cable. Same to ROM-drive.

So, we’re almost finished our PC.

All that has left is installing case coolers.

We’re gonna use two type of coolers: 120mm for outgoing airflow, and 80mm for entry airflow. 80mm cooler must be placed from behind the rear panel, and 120mm on back of the case. Thanks to this type of installation we’re got the best air circulation in our PC-case.

Building PC is finished.


Next step will be installing OS and final testing PC-components by testing-programs like “Victoria HDD” and “RAMtest”. It will be nice move to make sure that our PC is working stable and correctly.



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