6 Reasons to Wake Up Before Sunrise

Wake up early and enjoy JiJi.ng!

In this article JiJi.ng tells you why it’s so important to wake up early, even if you don’t need go to the work, meeting or somewhere else. Morning is amasing, so use it’s all positive signs.


Virtual battle between owls and larks is timeless. Some people talk about a special life-giving goodness dawn, others argue that only peace of the night helps to turn their creativity into full power. Fuel to the fire pour indefatigable British scientists, dragged ammunition in one, then to another camp.


But JiJi.ng tries to escape from all the noise and analyzes only the real advantages of working in the morning.

1. In the morning it’s easier to make difficult decisions

According to psychologists, our will power, as well as the strength of our muscles, has a certain final reserve. During the day, it gradually depletes and in the evening many of us don’t get in the decisive morning state. So, if you will decide to perform a difficult, unpleasant, tedious task, then it should be done just in the morning because in the evening you will come up with one hundred thousand excuses for its transfer or cancellation.

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2. Early morning is free from hassles

If you can start your day really early, even before the whole town starts its mad race, you will see that you are in a magic kingdom asleep. Empty streets and parks, no jams and queues, nobody interrupts your phone or sends you a boring SMS. The world still sleeps and gives you a few precious hours, and you can do everything. Dont lose this magic time!


3. In the morning there are no distractions

You get up bright and early in the morning, check your Facebook and see there only three updates. E-mail has not brought to you any letter. And even these terrible news sites haven’t accumulated another portion of poison. In the morning you just don’t get distracted by all these nasty things, joy, even if you want this. It’s time to do your job. Or do your exercise, finally.


4. Rich morning saves all day

If you run at least one of your tasks early in the morning, then most likely you do the same with other, while in the evening you will have more free time. But once you slow down a little bit and get to work in the afternoon, the whole your day will be crumpled and chaotic. It’s a big chance, that you don’t perform scheduled task and really rest and go to bed in time.


5. In the morning there is low level of stress

Rather, it is non-existent. Your state of mind at this time can be compared with the calm surface of the water, which reflects the first rays of the sun. In this spirit, tune into meditation, yoga, concentrate on reading books. And a completely different effect is obtained if the same lesson you will try to stick to the working interruption or delay in the evening of the day of the nerve.


6. Morning gives you opportunity to relax

If you get up early enough to deal with cases in the first half of the day, it gives you a good excuse to allocate yourself an hour for a rest day. And what could be better and more useful than taking a nap after a delicious dinner with a clear conscience of the fact that all the main business is over?


Have you tried to start your day early in the morning? And what are your impressions?

Wake up early and enjoy JiJi.ng!

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