Stop Being Lazy: 5 Tips

Sometimes each of us gets caught by laziness and lassitude, and that’s natural. You can get sick of your job or lifestyle and start to idle. It gets hard for you to do any work, and everyone who is trying to force you to do something annoys you very much.

This article will help you fight the laziness and do everything on time.

First of all, you need to know that there are two myths about laziness. It is strange, but there are not many people who understand it.

Myth 1: if you are lazy, than it is just your feature. You can’t fight it, so stop trying.

Businessman Sleeping on the Job

This is WRONG.

Laziness consists of different useless habits. It is kind of a behavior pattern, so it can easily be changed (providing you really want it, of course).

Myth 2: being lazy means doing nothing.

This is also WRONG.

When one is lazy, it means that he or she is doing something. For instance:

  • eating
  • drinking tea
  • sleeping
  • watching TV
  • lying on the sofa
  • surfing the Internet
  • listening to music
  • meeting friends
  • playing computer games etc.

These actions aren’t urgent, you can leave them for later. And when you do these INSTEAD OF some other more important things – that is an enemy called laziness.

Here are some ideas that will help you get rid of this harmful habit, organize your day and do everything on time!

Idea 1. Do nothing

This is probably the weirdest advice ever, but it does work. You won’t believe it until you try. So, if you have to do some task you don’t like, just sit down and do nothing for about 15 minutes. Nothing means no drinking, no smoking, no listening to the radio – just sit on the chair. After a couple of minutes you’ll feel a strong will to do at least something, so catch this state and begin working. You can also make a plan in the mind’s eye while sitting. If you do, try to follow it when you work.


It’s amazing how this short experience of doing absolutely nothing clears your mind and makes everything fall into place: you know definitely what you’ll do and how you’ll do it. If you start feeling tired, just stop for a while and do nothing again for 5-7 minutes. Short pauses regulate your working time and help you stay fresh-minded.

Idea 2. Body, mind and spirit

If you idle, it might mean that you don’t take care of yourself. Try to analyze: do you have enough time for rest? Do you pay attention to what you do and eat? Is your schedule acceptable for you? If you congest yourself with too many tasks, reorganize your day.

  1. Fix your sleeping pattern. The doctors say that one should have an 8-hour sleep every day. It is also good for you to go to bed and wake up early. You even feel more healthy when you wake up at 7 a m and fall asleep at about 10 p m. Sleepless nights cause tiredness which leads to laziness.
  2. Wash your face in the morning. It helps to wake up and charge yourself with energy. If you also care about your health, step further: take a cold shower. It will keep your body in tone.
  3. Regular physical training produces endorphins, which bring you to high spirit.
  4. Beware of what you eat. Avoid harmful products and eat more fruit and vegetables. Moreover, try to take meals at the same time every day. Don’t eat late at night.

Everything comes from inside, so begin with self-organization, and you will succeed in fighting the laziness.

Idea 3. Sort out your priorities

Sometimes you just have too many things to do, and it becomes a problem to dprov-030-02ecide what to start with.

  1. Make a list. Write down everything you have to do in a column. Underline the most important things and start with them. If there is somethingyou absolutely don’t like, don’t put it on the top of the list: you will just spend a lot of time on it and spoil your mood. Begin with some easy pleasant things to give yourself a right tone.
  2. Create a detailed schedule. Choose some time for each of the tasks and spend it right. You can even make a table and hang it on the wall, so you can see it while working. Don’t forget about short pauses between the tasks – they give your brains some rest.

Idea 4. Appreciate your time.

You have to realize that precious minutes are slipping through your fingers, so try to take as much as you can from the present day.

  1. Be punctual. If you told yourself that you will start cleaning at 1 p m – than really do it. Don’t postpone anything: it ruins your schedule and steals time.
  2. Get rid of the sources of your laziness. For instance, if you know that you can’t work when the computer is on, turn it off. The temptation to surf the Internet or play any games will disappear, and you will be able to finish your task.
  3. Do it now! If you have some task for the next Monday, don’t leave it for the weekend. Start working now, when the information is fresh.

Idea 5. Just do it

There is no magical pill from laziness. Everything you do depends on your own willpower and wish to change. Give yourself a chance to do everything on time.

  1. Motivate yourself. For example, let yourself eat your favorite ice-cream if you follow your plan and deal with every task on time.
  2. Surround yourself with hard-working people. Their progress will be a good example for you.
  3. Give yourself a positive promise, like: ‘Today I’ll start jogging!’ Busy people are always full of good ideas which make their lives better.

Being efficient is not as hard as you think. Just give it a try and you will see your life changing for the better!


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