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Should I Leave My Laptop Plugged In All The Time

Laptops have become an essential attribute of every modern person a long time ago. We use them for work, play and communicate from any corner of the planet. Laptops are our indispensable lifeline to the majesty that is the Internet. And if you do like most, then you keep your laptop connected to the charging at home and at work. And it’s a bad idea.


If you want to get the best results and maximum energy from your laptop battery, disconnect it from the network as soon as the indicator will show 100 %. And even a little earlier.

Cadex Electronics CEO Isidore Buschmann is sure that ideally you should charge the battery to 80 percent, and then turn off, wait until the charge level drops to 40 percent and then turn on again. This method will prolong the life of your battery up to four times.

In addition, he claims that the battery life shortens not only a permanent connection to the network – the temperature also plays an important role in this process. If the battery will overheat, it won’t live long.

The best solution to avoid these troubles would be not to close the lid of the laptop, and in any case, do not keep it on your lap.


Buschmann admits that his advice to keep the level of charge in the range of 40 to 80 percent is difficult to perform. It will be not very convenient for you to keep the indicator under control during work. But it’s not so difficult, at least to charge it each time for about 80 percent. And when you’re going on a trip, you should stop charging before indicator reach 100 percent.

Some users have adapted to calculate the time that the computer needs to be discharged from 80 to 40 percent and set a timer. The same thing they accomplish with the time when the batteries are charging.


If it saves you money and keeps your battery healthy, it’s worth it.

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