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10 Tips To Learn Foreign Language With Pleasure

Learning a new language can be compared to mastering a new occupation. In both cases the volume of your work is truly great, so you sometimes even do not know what to start with. We have collected 10 hints that will help you learn and improv any new language, as well as  make your studying to be capturing and exciting.

2We have already told about how it is important to know foreign languages. In this article we have united all the means for mastering new languages in one. Their distinctive feature is the great interest – the thing that you would never see in old textbooks. Do not get me wrong, I studied a few foreign languages with the help of such a dull and not interesting textbooks. But today there are much more exciting methods to do this stuff.

1. Study while serfing the Internet

This is not hard at all. We are sure you spend so much time in the Internet, so why not to devote a half of an hour to learning a language? For instance, the Language Immersion program substitutes the language of some words and phrases on the websites you visit. Readlang does almost the same, creating special cards for further practical work.

2. Remember the objects around you

Apart from the Internet, you also spend much time interacting with the surrounding things. It does not mean you should stick a card with the word on your cat, but you can do it, for example, with your refrigerator or computer. In such a way, you will exactly enlarge your vocabulary.

3. Use the Anki service

We have already written about this service. Anki is considered one of the best tools for studying, in general. The smart cards teach you using repetitions, they are adapted in order to find out your blank and strong suits.

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4. Open Duolingo if you want to study and play at the same time

Learning foreign languages with Duolingo is pretty facetiously and usefully at the same time. Many similar services do not feel the borders between a game and a study process, showing you cards with the word ‘CAR’ when you already know all the infinitive forms. Duolingo does not have such a problem and allows correct studying, as well as getting acquainted with native speakers. The Duolingo Test Center will help test your knowledge.

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[appbox googleplay com.duolingo.testcenter screenshots]

5. Visit language courses

We want to advice you some useful resources which will help you to pick up the best language courses. For instance, on the Open Culture website hundreds of courses with about 50 different languages have been gathered. The collecting is pretty old, but it has not lost its urgency.

6. Remember: smartphone is also useful

Hundreds or even thousands of applications for learning languages can also be the useful resources. For example, if you want to study a language while playing, try the application called Cat Spanish. It teaches the Spanish language with the help of funny cat pictures.

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The other great program is called Drops. Its teaching sessions take not more than 5 minutes.

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You are able to try the interesting alternative for Android – Lingua.ly.

[appbox googleplay com.lingualy.lingualymobile screenshots]

7. Write down everything you hear

We remember information better if we write it down by hand. That’s why when you listen to an audio lesson or a podcast, take your pen and note everything you hear, or, at least, phrases which rise doubt, in order to check their meaning once more.

8. Study and entertain at the same time

You can start from the easiest method – watching films with subtitles. Later, when you will be able to understand the language better, substitute them for the foreign ones. The third step will be removing the subtitles at all. You may do the same with music. While listening to foreign singers try to understand what they are singing about.

Glasses on a book

19. Be in touch with native speakers

You can do it either for real or via the special services. We won’t be teaching you to speak foreign languages, we’d better tell about some interesting services. Among them are: WeSpeke and Verbling that help you find interlocutors or teachers who will teach you individually or in a group of several students online.

10. Follow the approved tips:

  • Use the spaced repetition (Duolingo works on this basis).
  • Study a bit before sleep. When you sleep, your brain sends all the temporary information into the special ‘storage’.
  • Learn the context, but not the language itself. Read, listen and watch something you are truly interested in.
  • Study daily, using small portions of new information.


  • Mix the new material with the information you already know. Use just tutored words along with known ones – in such a way your brain will get accustomed to new words and phrases much quicker.

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