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10 Strangest Bars In The World

Before starting travelling, JiJi is making a list of places that should be visited obligatory: natural phenomena, historical monuments, architectural buildings… However, from time to time it’s useful to distract of our ordinary way and travel to even more spectacular, but mostly unknown places. In this round-up we will tell you about bars and night clubs which are considered as the strangest places in the world.

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  1. Icebar by Icohotel, Sweden

Today there already exist some similar icebars, but the first one to capture our love and show the great example to other icebars is the one located in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. All its visitors wear warm clothes since the temperature there is below zero. Moreover, furniture, walls and decorations are all made of ice. Now try to guess what drink is the most popular in this bar?

  1. Miniscule of Sound, England

The club deserves to appear in the Guinness World Records. Firstly, perhaps, it is the smallest establishment of this type in the world: it occupies only 5 sq m. Secondly, this club is roaming from one region to another. So if you have liked this place today it does not matter you will find it on the same place tomorrow. Thirdly, this is actually not a night club, but the clever parody for modern entertainment industry where all the visitors become its unintentional participators.

  1. H. R Giger Skeleton Bar, Switzerland

Visitors tell about its doubtless design similarity with the sci-fi thriller “Alien”. And it is so not without a reason, since its design was created in collaboration with Hans Rudolf Giger who has already become famous for his design works for this film. The building and furniture are as if made of alien’s skeleton remains and saturated with space horror spirit, gloom and aggression.

  1. Alux Restaurant and Lounge, Mexico

If you want to visit this club, you should travel underground. The restaurant is located within the depths of naturally formed cavern and its visitors can walk between its underground rooms, enjoying bright arches changing its colours. This is one of the few world’s places where you are able to feel ancient spirits that seem to subsist there.

  1. Hobbit House, Philippines


This bar was opened in 1973 by a person who loves the “The Lord of the Rings” novel so much that even decided to reconstitute its part in real. The whole building is decorated with corresponding things from the Tolkien’s story; the staff is completely introduced by Lilliputians who represent the hobbit nation.  One more enticement is great live music which includes the best jazz, folk and blues works.

  1. Baobab Bar, the Republic of South Africa


This bar is more than 80 years old, but it’s really nothing if compared to the baobab growing there for about 6000 years. The bar inside the hollow accommodates no more than 15 visitors and does not have the dance place. There you are able to find the unique artifacts describing the tree history and, of course, the magnificent atmosphere. You can rarely have a drink inside a thousand-year tree, can’t you?

  1. Guacara Tiana, the Dominican Republic


The Guacara Tiana night club is located several tens meters underground and accommodates nearly 3000 guests. Three connected caverns contain a couple of dance zones and are sounded by the best DJs who mix local passionate rhythms with international dancing hits skillfully. Those guests who wish to have more romance will find quitter and cosier niches and branches in the club.

  1. Das Klo, Germany


When people talk about English original sense of humour, they most likely not to know about German one. In order to get acquainted with German sense of humour you should visit this wonderful bar. Here you will feel the whole range of strong feelings: from disgust and fright to shock and complete intolerance. Pissing pictures and falling ceilings, lavatory pans and medical analysis, odd dishes and rotten staff… All in all, this bar is for real connoisseurs of the “beautiful”.

  1. Eternity Bar, Ukraine


This bar is for those who want to think about existing frailty. It is like a giant coffin made at a scale 1:10 to a real size. It was designed by a Truskavets salon of ritual services called “Eternity”. It is 20 meters long and 6 meters wide. Interior decorations and music completely correspond to its subject-matter. At the entry there hangs a poster telling “Entry only with white slippers”.

  1. Clinic, Singapore


The strangest bar from our list is completely permeated with clinic spirits. Instead of chairs you will find there wheelchairs, sofas are substituted with hospital beds. A kitchen is located in an operating room; all the dishes are served in hospital ware and test-tubes. Waiters there are wearing white smocks and even have phonendoscopes and other odd medical things. This is the perfect place to acutely feel the taste of healthy life.

What unique bars and night clubs have you been? Share with us!

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