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10 Applications To Refresh Communication

More than 500 million Facebook users communicate via the Messenger program for either Android or iOs. However, the overwhelming majority of these people do not know that the messenger has its side settings which help to change and vary your communication with friends. We want to tell you about the most interesting utilities for Facebook Messenger.

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What are these additions? In fact, they are applications for Android and iOs which are tightly integrated with Facebook Messenger: the special button for immediate content sending is obligatory included in their interface. You will easily define such enhancement among the other applications in Google Play and iTunes – it looks like a white zipper on the blue background and situated in the lower right corner of the utility icon. See the example:


All the applications were tested on Android. Those who own iOS-devices do not need to worry, as well: as a rule, these programs work not worse on their platform.


The application is able to create GIF files from either the one shot or shots series. Press the shutter and Strobe will design a dozen of animation variants based on the only one shot. Perform a few more shots and get the summary GIF file. The app works well without delays and snarks.

[appbox googleplay com.facebook.strobe screenshots]

[appbox appstore 974881439 screenshots]

Magisto Shot

You should not be a video editor to design simple video cut-aways on your smartphone, of course, with the help of Magisto Shot application. Make a shot and add some text description to it. A couple of seconds later, you will get a “colourful micro film” (authors call it in such a way) with musical accompaniment. The whole process of creating a trailer will be clear and quick, moreover, its animation and sound will make you pleased. In case you don’t like the offered video, you can create the new film version with just one tap on screen.

[appbox googleplay com.magisto.mfm screenshots]

[appbox appstore 967931790 screenshots]


How can we turn any photo into a sticker? With Imoji you will not have troubles doing this. Make a photo and commit the rest of work to the application. You may share your creation all over the world or leave it for yourself. In case you don’t want to be tied up with designing new collection of stickers, look into the existing one where the most popular stickers of other users are gathered (they are the  funniest and the oddest, as well). However, you should take into consideration not an ideal work of the utility.

[appbox googleplay com.imojiapp.imoji.fbmessenger.prod screenshots]

[appbox appstore 970316668 screenshots]

Pic Stitch

What is the Pic Stitch application attractive for? It can combine many photos into one collage. Just choose one of the many existing sample, edit it as you like, change borders (the requiring payment option), process the photo with the help of good filters set and send to your friend. We have no blames considering this application.

[appbox googleplay com.bigblueclip.picstitchmessenger screenshots]

[appbox appstore 964324544 screenshots]


This is extremely great thing in real troll’s hands! In your disposition there are more than 600 ready samples for creating the best memes ever. You didn’t like the samples? Use your own photo or image! Memes understand the Cyrillic alphabet very well; you can change the fonts and their colours, as well. Memes are generated smoothly and quickly. The only thing you will not be pleased with is the ad unit below the app workspace.

[appbox googleplay com.zombodroid.memefbmessenger screenshots]

[appbox appstore 645831841 screenshots]


One more tool for fun. GIF for Messenger is a collection of ready animations on various topics. Each gif has its tag, so you will easily find the gif file you need at the particular moment. When the Internet connection is slow, the application starts glitching (and most likely takes your traffic), so try to find the solution in Wi-Fi connection. At the same time the utility is stable, understandable and useful.

[appbox googleplay com.riffsy.FBMGIFApp screenshots]

[appbox appstore 973610776 screenshots]

Sound Clips

Facebook itself has tried to diversify a dull texting process, inventing the Sound Clips application. It includes a set of several tens of ready sounds. The tracks are arranged according to their categories: happiness, laugh, animals, standard phrases, nature sounds, etc. Their length is from one to six seconds. The utility is truly simple but extremely exciting.

[appbox googleplay com.facebook.soundclips screenshots]

[appbox appstore 974884134 screenshots]


Are you looking for something greater than just a sticker or GIF? Than get familiar with this application – ClipDis. It can design video collages based on the phrase you were planning to write. The most exciting thing in this utility is that your message will be voiced by film characters. This is not an easy task to describe the feelings when using this app, but we insist upon downloading it. ClipDis is 100 % stable but very voracious.

[appbox googleplay com.clipdis.clipdisformessenger screenshots]

[appbox appstore 967933144 screenshots]

Talking Tom

You are offered to send your message with a nice cat’s or a dog’s voice. The application does not glitch, perform its work well and do not ask for money.

[appbox googleplay com.outfit7.tomformessengerfree screenshots]

[appbox appstore 965184146 screenshots]


EmoticonAr is a special app for your smartphone which works on an unusual mechanism, analyzing your face and indicating your spirits. As soon as the utility understands that you are in love, for example, it will add a couple of hearts to your photo. In fact, from time to time some mistakes happen, but in all the rest situations this utility defined your mood correctly.

[appbox googleplay com.qualcomm.emotionar screenshots]

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